ACT 1:

1-PARK: Gritty city somewhere

    • Prologue

2-CORINTH: Citizens working the fields near Olympus

Zeus confronts Sisyphus

5-OLYMPUS: Olympus meeting of gods

TOWN HALL: Sisyphus wins the election

Zeus comes to collect from Sisyphus

6-TEMPLE: Dawn celebrates Eleusinian festival

Ares seduces Dawn

7-OLYMPUS: Thantos tells Aphrodite about Ares

  • Aphrodite casts spell/curse on Dawn to lust mortals

8-TOWN HALL: Citizens boast about a better life

Edicts arrive, battle cry speech and citizens vandalize temple

Thantos and Zeus search out the perpetrators

9-TEMPLE: Dawn seduces Sisyphus

Dawn tries to convince Sisyphus he must hide

Sisyphus & Dawn trick Thantos

ACT 2:

1-FESTIVAL: Zeus speaks with his informants

Dawn confronts Zeus in the crowd

Sisyphus speaks to the citizens

Zeus patronizing the citizens

2-OLYMPUS: Aphrodite confronts Ares about Dawn

3-GOING TO TEMPLE: Sisyphus swaggers to meet Dawn

Dawn tries to convince Sisyphus to hide

Ares and Aphrodite find Sisyphus, Dawn and Thantos

Thantos accosts Dawn using Aphrodite’s dress

4-CORINTH: Sisyphus speaks to the citizens

5-TEMPLE: Sisyphus finds Dawn

6-OLYMPUS: Zeus starts executing the citizens

7-PARK: Gritty city monument dedication