Sisyphus walks through his world with curiosity and love for his fellow man. His close knit family was creative, hardworking and generous within his community. His mother was the most well-known artist in Corinth. She was famous for the colors she wove into scarves that brought joy and pride to those who wore them. Even Scooter, the boy's beloved sheep dog was never seen without his bright, warm scarf. Sisyphus remembers his successful father who sold art, goods from the artisans and crafts people, traveling throughout the Peloponnese. The boy often accompanied his father on his travels, absorbing beauty, culture, and a love for the traditions of Greek life. His father always told him he could be anything he wanted to be and introduced Sisyphus to that world. A love for adventure and an entrepreneurial spirit was born during this period of Sisyphus' youth.

Many festivals ripe with music, dance, food and wine were a big part of community life. Sisyphus was passionately involved in these celebrations, dancing, drinking and flirting with as many females as possible. His French kissing technique drove the girls wild and their parents irate. He was banned from festivals for a time but took up sporting competitions as his hormones became unwieldy. He was gaining a reputation as a shrewd gambler, winning more off the field than in the games. A heart breaking memory was the day Scooter was run down and killed on the road to the Spartan games by the fiery red chariot belonging to Ares. The chariot never stopped, Ares never looked back and Sisyphus pledged payback. He would never forget.

As the sweet memories of childhood faded against the reality of creating a prosperous and inspiring life, the young idealist found it easy to gain supporters but almost impossible to change the social and political problems caused by the powers that be. The drudgery for hard working citizens does not produce equitable rewards.

Sisyphus runs for the Senate and wins easily but forces his idealist goals on the citizens who clearly are not ready to suffer or die for a better life. Sisyphus creates mandatory education standards for the citizens of Corinth. This radical idea angers Zeus, who tries of buy off Sisyphus.

In the privacy of his meditations, Sisyphus doubts the citizens appreciate his goals for them. He wonders what he can do to show them the future they can have. In the end Zeus and Sisyphus are locked in unsolvable conflict.

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