Like a moth to the flame Dawn was drawn into the last blinding light of the sun's eclipse. Emerging in the arms of Gaea and fated to survive the massacre of the Titans, Dawn was charged by Gaea to restore the sunrise and bring the new day, forever.

Dawn lives completely in the now. She has no memories to haunt her or neurosis to weaken her. She doesn't look for happiness. She always was and always will be. Dawn is alone in her cosmic ecstasy. You can be taken on her flaming ride through space, blowing holes of fire and light into the darkest corners of the universe. Her aura can trap you; she can sacrifice you to the sun god. She is dangerous in her naivete.

Being called to Olympus challenges her very nature. What can she do? She walks in the universe filled with an ethereal perspective...knowing what is happening in the world of gods and humans but doesn't think about it. She is not political but she feels a deep sense of what is right, and is a natural philosopher. She connects with the innocence around her-nature, beauty, music.

Dawn is drawn to the humans when they gather to celebrate life. Her curiosity is sparked. Dawn undergoes the shock of feeling something new. Love is something she doesn't understand, can't explain but knows it has great power.

Dawn's attractions turn sexual as tension builds between the gods and humans. Zeus becomes corrupt, Dawn's free spirit morphs into sexual adventure and an uncontrollable need to experiment with human love. The irresistible Dawn becomes victim of Aphrodite's jealousy. When Dawn aligns herself with the humans and protects Sisyphus from the wrath Zeus, she becomes an outlaw from Olympus. She must chose her allegiance and her fate.